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This is an important opportunity for me to thank all of those friends, colleagues and people who encouraged me in writings.

I naturally begin with my family wife Dure-Jahan, daughter Meher Rana an Economist played caring, loving, supporting and guiding role in my life. My grandson Rai`d Rana and son in law Dr. Talha Rana a source of happiness and inspiration for me. “My utmost happiness lies in the smile of an innocent child.”

So to, has the enduring moral compass of my late father Rana Ghulam Sabir, a former Parliamentarian whose advice I try to follow throughout my life. “O, son, try to help human kind, if for some reason not possible, never think and act harming human being physically, mentally or economically.” Blessings of my mother Zohra Begum has always been with me.

I am grateful to a prisoner who in 1995 attracted my attention toward transferring of prisoners from a prisoner van to sub jail in the Courts, hand cuffed and chained in fetters. Under influence of this incident. I wrote the first ever pamphlet of my life “Dangerous Animals are kept behind the bars in Zoo, Dangerous human beings are kept behind the bars in Jail”. Human kind is the best creation of all, should refrain from committing crimes. This was distributed in jail and among general public for raising awareness. Over a million of such pamphlets relating to different socio, economic, political issues, interfaith harmony and peace, have been distributed. This book is the selection of writings from my three books, uptill Dec.2010.

Special thanks to Mr Saleem Raza a wisdom friend, who has been encouraging, supporting my writings from the day one.

Among teachers of my educational institution Mr. Anwar and late Professor Mr. Javed Sheikh whose guidance played important role in my life.

Thanks to Mr. Pervaiz Saeed, a writer who wrote back cover of this book.

I am thankful to Mr. Farrukh Sohail Goindi, a writer, intellectual, activist and publisher for helping me in publishing this book through his Jumhoori Publications.

 Rana Ehtisham Rabbani