A Human Kind of Planet Earth

Posted By: admin on Jul 11, 2014 in Pathways To Peace

I am beyond boundaries
The world is mine
I am in the world, not for my own self
All religions and faiths, are for me and mine
I respect them all, all are for my guidance
All are for virtue
Through me
Virtue flourish and evil buried
Virtue breed (breeds) peace and harmony
Evil causes war, disharmony
Preach, Truth, Justice, Tolerance, Respect
Fairness and Love
Evil disguised as virtue
Causes killings, destruction
Spread poverty, hunger, despair
Through lies, arrogance, prejudice and hatred
In all religions among all faiths
Human kind have to struggle
For peace and harmony
Humans ought to share the knowledge and resources
Among all
For prosperity and progress for all

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