Humanity Is Kinship

Posted By: admin on Jul 11, 2014 in Pathways To Peace

7 Billion
Humans beings living on planet Earth
Scattered all over the Globe
Father, Mother, Brother, Sisters
Sons, daughter, husband, wife
Cousins and relations
Tied with norms and bonds
Caste, Colour, Creed, Tribe
Country, region and religion
Is called Kinship
Feel pain and sorrows together,
Play Fun & Joy together
All are independent
Through Trade and Commerce
Humanity is Kinship Globally
Need to share the pain
Across the boundaries
In calamities, disasters
Cyclones, epidemics, earthquakes,
To help in deprivation and lack of amenities,
Clean Water, Food, Education, Justice.
Time to share the knowledge, technology, expertise
For tranquility.
Discouraging wars, militancy, terrorism
And sponsors of these.
Solving disputes among nations through dialogues
Making efforts for
Harmony, unity, respect, equality, tolerance,
For peace, love and safety
Of Humanity

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