Old Mama – The Earth

Posted By: admin on Jul 11, 2014 in Pathways To Peace

Dear Old Mama,
You’ve been
Nurturing, nourishing
Water, Milk, Grams (Grains), Fruits, Vegetables,
Fish, Meat.
For ages long
We your sons and daughters
Owe to you to care
Some of us noticed
Iceberg melting speedily on top of the world
Consequently, water in oceans
And temperatures rising
Sons and daughters bound
To care for the environment
For good health of our Mama
Preempt imbalance
Oh’ (!) Old Mama
Should you disappear – we all vanish
We will not let this happen
We promise to spread awareness
Of melting icebergs
Amongst all brotheren (Brethren)
Living on this planet
Together we strive
To save our Mom
Existence of man kind is bound with whom
Oh Creator give us courage, strength and unity to
care for our Mom
More zeal and zest.
Ignite us with sacred fire to melt ice in our hearts,
Forge love, harmony and unity among all.
Brothers and Sisters conserve Mom

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