Posted By: admin on Jul 11, 2014 in Pathways To Peace

There are several such poor countries in the world whose every new ruler keeps harping on the one string that the national exchequer was emptied by his predecessor. Under this excuse they start begging loans from other countries which are supposed to return through the public in terms of dearness in the prices of Petrol, Electricity and other necessities of life.

A ruler after coming into power tends to start harping on the string that———-the exchequer has been replenished or that it is now full through his efforts.

The next ruler/successor starts complaining that the national treasure was emptied by his predecessor and nothing is left in it.

One can witness the patience of the public on such comments.

The public already remains involved and divided in their own circumstances, prejudices, fraternity, sectarianism, petty politics and regional bias etc.

Note: Yet there are certain human beings in the world who have to dwell upon the patience from their childhood to death!!

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