Posted By: admin on Jul 11, 2014 in Pathways To Peace

There are a lot of the poor countries in the world. Some of them are just like an Orphanage. The administrator of an Orphanage contends to beg for aid and donations from the public the name of the compelled poor deserving children residing in the Asylum of the orphans. And the administrators cherish a luxurious life but the poor heirless children are hardly provided food according to their requirement.

The responsible people after having been retired from service start demanding from the successive management to bring about betterment in the prevalent deplorable condition of the children without admitting their own fault of the nature when they were the in charge thereof. They highlight the defects in the system but after their retirement. Unfortunately, this practice is being continued since long and will remain so indefinitely.

God knows when will the orphans be provided sufficient subsistence and shelter and when will their condition get changed?

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